C63s Gummy

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Introducing the C63s THC/CBD Gummy, a meticulously crafted edible designed to offer a balanced and enjoyable cannabis experience. Each gummy packs a powerful punch with a total content of 500mg, combining the therapeutic benefits of THC and CBD.

For novice users exploring the world of cannabis edibles, we recommend initiating your journey with half a gummy leaf. This cautious approach allows you to assess your tolerance and find the optimal infusion level for your desired effects.

As with any edible, be patient with the onset of effects, as digestion may take varying amounts of time—ranging from 45 minutes to 2 hours. Understanding your body’s unique reaction to edibles is crucial before venturing further.

Overindulgence can lead to undesirable consequences lasting up to 4 hours, including heightened anxiety, paranoia, vomiting, and impaired coordination. It’s paramount to avoid driving or operating machinery while under the influence of C63s THC/CBD Gummies.

Embrace the diverse spectrum of effects, from a soothing sense of calm and happiness to relaxation and a boost of energy. Elevate your cannabis experience responsibly with the harmonious blend found in C63s THC/CBD Gummies.


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