An Awaken Blaster Cartridge filled with Terpenes, 50% Δ9 Distillate and 50% CBD Distillate.

Origin and Taste: Evoking nostalgia and simplicity, the Old School strain pays homage to days gone by in the cannabis world. With a composition that harmoniously merges 50% distillate infused with OG Kush terpenes and 50% CBD, its profile is designed for equilibrium. Reminiscent of the cannabis many fondly remember from their youth — often found in modest bags adorned with a rose and the heartfelt inscription: “Thank you for sharing this day with us.

Effects: Old School offers its users a beautifully balanced experience. The presence of THC and OG Kush terpenes grants a cerebral elevation, while the CBD ensures tranquillity and relief. This union creates a harmonized effect, perfect for those seeking both mental invigoration and a gentle embrace of calm. Old School is a testament to authenticity, capturing the essence of treasured cannabis memories.     1ml | 510 Thread | Ceramic Coil | Quartz Glass | Compatible with the Awaken Vape Pen.


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