An Awaken Blaster Cartridge filled with Strawberry Cough Terpenes and Distillate.

Origin and Taste: Strawberry Cough is celebrated for its unmistakable berry aroma, a scent so vibrant it evokes images of sun-ripened strawberries in peak summer. The taste is a delightful reflection of its name, offering users a fresh burst of sweet strawberry, punctuated by subtle earthy undertones that ground this fruity symphony.

Effects: Strawberry Cough’s effects are as lively as its flavour. A wave of euphoria sweeps users off their feet, setting the stage for animated conversations and heightened sociability. It’s the kind of strain that makes you want to dive into the heart of a party, mingling with old friends and making new ones. The joyous energy it imbues is infectious, making Strawberry Cough an ideal choice for those looking to elevate gatherings and celebrate the moment.

1ml | 510 Thread | Ceramic Coil | Quartz Glass | Compatible with the Awaken Vape Pen.


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