A Gigantic Awaken 3ml Blaster Cartridge filled with Giant Peach Terpenes and Distillate.

The Giant Peach strain is named after “James and the Giant Peach” due to the nostalgia and adventure it evokes in users upon vaping it, as well as its robust peachy flavours. Users can expect flavours similar to those of the hard apricot sweets and peach Beechies they enjoyed in their youth.

The Giant Peach’s highly sought-after flavour profile is accompanied by equally impressive effects. Clients report that this strain provides long-lasting bouts of motivation and focus, along with relaxing physical sensations that simultaneously create openness in thoughts. This makes the Giant Peach a hybrid that is perfect for all-day and all-night use. Whether you have work to do, a social event, or just want to relax by watching a movie or listening to music, the Giant Peach can be relied on to make almost any activity an enjoyable moment.

3ml | 510 Thread | Ceramic Coil | Quartz Glass | Compatible with the Awaken Vape Pen.


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