An Awaken Blaster Cartridge filled with Purple Urkle Terpenes and Distillate.

Origin and Taste: Purple Urkle, distinguished by its poetic name, has origins that are somewhat enigmatic. While many believe it may trace back to the renowned Mendocino Purps strain from Northern California, its exact lineage remains a topic of discussion. In terms of flavour, Purple Urkle explodes with a strong and sweet blend of grape-flavoured bubble-gum and grape soda.

Effects: The effects of Purple Urkle are in tune with its soothing, grape-infused essence. Users are treated to profound relaxation, enveloping both the mind and body in a serene calm. This strain is often chosen for its potential in helping to ease physical discomforts and foster deep, restorative sleep. As a perfect evening companion, Purple Urkle sets the stage for relaxation, making it ideal for unwinding after an eventful day, drifting into a peaceful night’s rest, or simply savouring a moment of introspective tranquillity.

1ml | 510 Thread | Ceramic Coil | Quartz Glass | Compatible with the Awaken Vape Pen.


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