Girl Scout Cookies | 1ml


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Girl Scout Cookies

An Awaken Blaster Cartridge filled with Girl Scout Cookies Terpenes and Distillate.

Origin and Taste: Hailing from California, Girl Scout Cookies (GSC) boasts a rich flavour profile blending sweet, earthy notes with hints of minty freshness.

Effects: GSC offers a balanced cerebral lift that inspires creativity and a calm mindset. Paired with this is a soothing body relaxation, ensuring a harmonized, calming high. Ideal for introspective moments or relaxed evenings, GSC stands as a cherished choice for many seeking tranquillity and inspiration.GSC is jam packed with flavours and a heavily relaxing experience that fills users with joy and deepening thoughts. It is truly a one of a kind experience.

1ml | 510 Thread | Ceramic Coil | Quartz Glass | Compatible with the Awaken Vape Pen.


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