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Discovering the TRUE VALUE in business acquisition

Discovering the TRUE VALUE in business acquisition

Discovering the TRUE VALUE in business acquisition

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Buying businesses requires a mindset shift.

Steve is a business owner and investor on a mission to build a £20 million business.

But it wasn’t until he heard a story on an episode of the Business Buying Strategies podcast that his whole mindset on business acquisition changed.

From listening to one episode, Steven realised he could use a business acquisition strategy to “buy” customers.

He sought out acquisitions to widen his customer base.

It hasn’t stopped there. Steve has also used acquisition to broaden what the business offers.

He is now able to sell more to his existing customers.

I sat down with Steven to talk through his business buying journey and strategy for growing his business to his stated goal.

We filmed our discussion and you can watch it now on my YouTube channel.

In this video, you will discover…

– How Steve is planning to build a £20 million business in 3-5 years with a view to sell
– Why business a business in a country with a different business culture can cause issues (even if they speak the same language)
– How Steve uses direct mail effectively for sourcing new deals
– Why you learn from your failures than your successes (it is why experience is so important)
– How Steve turns an organisation from loss-making to profitable by structuring a deal to involve the seller

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